Quick config for a personal website

1. Edit the local.php file : choose a title for your website, choose a start page (that must exist, so create it first !), activate the Access Control List, and choose a group (admin here) which is allowed to edit the pages. It becomes :

$conf['title']       = 'The Title of my website';
$conf['start']       = 'Home';
$conf['useacl']      = 1;
$conf['superuser']   = '@admin';

If your webserver has deactivated file functions in php like chmod, rmdir... you must add :

$conf['safemodehack'] = 1;

2. Edit acl.auth.php to allow anybody to read your site, change this line at the bottom of the file :

*               @ALL        1

3. Edit users.auth.php : describe the users, with their login, password... and group (to allow them to edit the pages) ! Put it at the end of the file :

a_user:xxxxxxxyyyy5555555:Miles Davis:miles@mail.org:admin
another_user:xxxxxxzzzzzz6666666:Jaco Pastorius:jaco@bass.org:admin

The xxxyyy333 strange strings are the result of a MD5 encoding. You can use these sites to generate such strings : http://www.phpbbhacks.com/md5.php or http://www.trilug.org/~jeremy/md5.php

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